Add Existing Video from My Media

Add Existing Video from My Media

Once you have added media content to your My Media, you will be able to add the existing content to a discussion or assignment using the HTML editor.

Open Discussions

  1. Click the Discussions link in the course navigation menu.

Select the discussion

2. Click on the title of the discussion you would like to post to.

Click reply to respond to discussion

3. Click the Reply icon towards the bottom of the discussion description.  Once clicked, the HTML/text editor will expand

Click My Media to search for existing video

4. Use the Editor to begin writing your response.  Click the My Media icon to search for video.

Select an existing video from My Media

5. From My Media, choose a video you would like to embed in your reply by clicking the Select button to the right of your video.

Note: If you would to change the size of the video you can press the arrow next to the Select button for more options.

Post reply with embedded media

6. A box will appear in the message box representing your video.  You can hover over the iframe to ensure the URL of the video is correct.

7. When finished, click Post Reply