Getting Started

Welcome to Adler University! We are glad you are part of the Adler community and look forward supporting you with all your technology needs. Much of your experience at Adler will take place using our technology systems. To ensure your best experience with these tools, please follow these quick-start recommendations.

Adler Account

Your Adler account provides access to almost everything – Adler email, Adler Connect portal/WebAdvisor, Self Service, Learning Management System, on-campus workstation login, etc.

Your account username is generally set as , i.e., [email protected]


Your initial password is:  AU* + your birthdate in “mmddyy” format, i.e., if your birthdate is Jan 15, 1986, your password will be:    AU*011586   (password is case sensitive)


Your initial password is provided to you as part of our onboarding process and is case sensitive. Note: You must change your password every 90 days.

When you change your password, it should be:

  •   At least eight characters long
  • Have at least one character of at least three of the following character sets:
    •   Upper case letters
    • Lower case letters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols –   @#!$*%

When logging into Adler systems, you may need to enter your username in extended format as: [email protected]  For students, this is NOT your email address!

Need Help?

For assistance contact the Adler Technology Helpdesk – we will be happy to assist you! You can reach us 24/7 at:

Connect to Wireless Network

If you’re on our Chicago or Vancouver campus, you are invited to connect your personal devices to our network while on-campus. We offer robust wireless access for our on-campus students, faculty, and staff.

Password Management Tool

If you forget your password or lock your account (for your protection, we lock your account after multiple unsuccessful login attempts), you can reset your password or unlock your account at any time (even from your mobile device) by visiting the Password Management Tool.

Tip:  If you’ve added your Adler email account to your mobile device(s), please remember to update your devices with your new password!

Adler Email

You will get important news and other information through your Adler email (Office 365) account.

  • Your email address is generally formatted as:  [email protected] (i.e., [email protected])
  • Make sure you can access your Adler email account – you can log into Adler Connect to access your email.
  • You can also access your email account as well as all your Office 365 content at the Office 365 Adler site
  • Read through how to set up your Adler email account on your mobile device to access your email on the go
  • Please check your email account regularly!

Adler Connect

Log into the Adler Connect, our web-based portal, for access to almost everything you need:

  • News and announcements
  • Events calendar
  • Quick Links access to all systems (email, learning management system, WebAdvisor, Office 365, password reset tool, etc.)
  • Bookstore / software store
  • Tutorials and resources
  • Policies and procedures
  • Office 365 (in Quick Links – faculty/staff email, free Office suite software for the Adler community, etc.)

The LMS (Learning Management System)

You will use the LMS to access course resources, discussions, post assignments, access syllabi, etc. and can access it through the Adler Connect Home Page,  Quick Links menu or by going directly to the Adler Canvas login page.

Note that when logging into the LMS, you will use your Adler extended username format ([email protected]).

Verify Computer Compatibility

When using your personal computer, we have minimum technology hardware/software requirements to ensure a successful experience.  On your computer, please visit the System Check to view these requirements and verify your system compatibility.  Common software issues and fixes will be flagged by this tool.  You should also make sure your computer’s software, operating system, and anti-malware are updated with the latest relevant patches.  Some quick pointers:

Mobile Systems support:  Adler University systems are not yet supported for access on mobile platforms – however, some or even all system features may be functional on your specific device.

Install Web Bowsers

Adler’s system tools are web-based – this allows you to log in from any Internet-connected computer that meets our specs.  We recommend that you install multiple web browsers on your computer in addition to, say, Safari or Internet Explorer.  We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as well.  If you encounter difficulties accessing one or our systems, try a different browser – that might resolve the issue.

Install Software

We offer Microsoft Office 365 which includes the full Microsoft Office suite for either Windows or Mac systems at no cost to Adler active faculty, staff, and students!  You can download and install this software on up to five personal Windows/Mac computers.

In Adler Connect, visit the Campus Life >Technology >Microsoft Office Suite page for more information.