Library Remote Access Login

Current Adler University student, faculty, and staff can access the Adler University Library online content remotely (off-campus) from any Internet-enabled computer.

Library electronic content can be accessed through Adler Connect
at Academic Life > Library.

When accessing Library content remotely (off-campus), you will be prompted for your Adler username/password credentials.

NOTE: Please use only your name portion as your username, i.e., jdoe and not [email protected]



Click the Login button


If your username or password is incorrect, you will get the following error message:

Check Your Credentials

Should this occur, please ensure that you are entering the correct username and password credentials:

  • Username in the format: username and not: [email protected]
  • Your Adler account password


If you still cannot log in, consider changing your password. Enroll in the Adler Password Management Tool to change your password at any time and on any device.

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