Student Printing System

Adler University Student Print Management system provides Adler Chicago campus students the ability to manage their printing needs by viewing and optionally recharging their student print accounts. This system offers several advantages to the student:

  • Students will have individualized accounts that will allow them to log into School workstation resources and print to a secure print queue that will allow printing to either of two high-speed print/copy/scan devices
  • Student print management accounts will be credited for $50 or 1,000 prints per term (1 print = 1 output sheet) at no charge to them
  • Should a student exceed this allocation, he/she may replenish his/her print management account as needed through a convenient Paypal process. Additional prints are set at $.05 per page
  • Adler print devices are set to default to double-sided printing to minimize paper consumption (this can be changed on a print job-basis)
  • Printing is measured by page – one double-sided page (printing on both sides) is charged at $.05
  • Adler print devices are scan-enabled – students may scan content (based on copyright compliance) to their Adler email account or to a flash drive at no cost
  • Scanning operations are not charged – should a student scan an image to a USB drive or to their Adler student email account, this will not debit their print account

Recharging Student Print Accounts

The student print management account balance can be monitored by the student in two ways:

  • Balances are shown on the printer console when the student logs in with their Adler network login credentials or by swiping their student Keycard ID in the copier/printer card scanning area
  • Account balance information can be viewed and recharged by logging into the Adler Student Print Account Recharge site (Uniflow Payment Gateway).

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