Submitting Assignments

Submitting Assignments

Your instructor will decide what kinds of submissions will be accepted for an assignment. These may include:

  • File upload
  • Text entry
  • Web site URL (e.g., for a blog post)

The following explains how you might submit each type

File Upload

Files such as .doc, .txt, .jpg can be uploaded.

  1. Click Choose File and find the file on the computer.
  2. Add comments in the text box if needed.
  3. Once ready, click Submit Assignment.
  4. To upload multiple files, click Add Another File.

Text Entry

  1. Enter text into the box or use the box to submit a video or presentation.
  2. Text can be made bold, italicized, or underlined. Bulleted and numbered lists can be added as well.
  3. A comments box is available if any comments need to be made.

Website URL

A web address, or URL, can be used to submit an assignment.

  1. Copy the URL and paste it into the Website URL textbox.
  2. Add any comments to the textbox below.

Download All Assignment Submissions

For your own records, you can download every assignment submission you have uploaded in Ember.

  1. Click Settings in the upper right corner to navigate to the Profile Settings page.
  2. Click the Download Submissions button to export all assignments you have submitted for both current and concluded courses.

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