Viewing Group Assignments

View Groups

Click the View User Groups button or the Groups tab.

View Course Groups

View the groups available in your course. Each group shows the name of the group and how many members are part of that group.

  1. If there are any self sign-up groups available to join, you can join the group by clicking the join link.
  2. You can change groups by clicking the switch to link.
  3. If you are already part of a self sign-up group, you can leave the group by clicking the leave link

View Student Leader Groups

If you have been invited to be a student leader and manage a group, the Manage link will appear next to the name of the group.

View Group Members

To view which students are assigned to the group:

  1. Click the name of the group.
  2. The names of the students will appear in an expanded list.

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