Add a New Video Using My Media

Posting a video using "Media Upload"

You can add new videos to your "My Media" section with the use of the "Media Upload" option when selecting "Add New" .  Follow the steps below when posting a video that exist on your computer to your video discussion  assignment.

Open Discussion

1. Click the Discussions link in the course navigation menu.

Select the discussion

2. Click on the title of the discussion you would like to post to.

Click reply to respond to discussion

3. Click the Reply icon towards the bottom of the discussion description. Once clicked, the HTML/text Editor will expand.

Click My Media to add a new video

4. Use the Editor to begin writing your response. Click the Embed Kaltura Media icon to add a new video.

Select "Media Upload"

5. Select the "Add New" drop-down to select the "Media Upload" button.

Choose a file to upload

6. Click the + Choose a file to upload button.

Note: Before uploading, you will be asked to agree to a terms and conditions statement as outlined by your institution.

Open the file you would like to upload

7. Locate the file on your computer and select Open.

Enter video information

8. Video will show as Upload Completed, when successful. Please fill out the details including name of video.

save video

9. Click the Save button when finished.