We’ve got you covered when it comes to teaching and learning within the classroom. Classroom technologies are equipped with computers, speakers for collaborative sessions, Smart technologies and Notebook software.

Some things that can be integrated into the classroom experience:

  • Connect with an off-campus student or speaker through Skype or WebEx
  • Connect with a Vancouver campus faculty, staff, or class using the portable video conferencing unit
  • Use Notebook software to build dynamic lesson plans incorporating multimedia, Internet web site, and other sources that can be easily accessed in class
  • For core faculty, build out lesson content at your workstation, save to a network drive, and access that same content from any classroom computer
  • Use the SMART board to capture and image, web page, etc., capture notes while collaborating with students, and save the content as an image or PDF file that can be posted directly into the LMS
  • Capture handwritten notes as an editable document in Microsoft Word (or PowerPoint and even Excel)
  • Use Notebook software as a multi-page whiteboard – export content to PDF and save to network / LMS / flash drive
  • Connect an external laptop or iPad to the display system (using the appropriate video adapter)
  • Please feel free to contact the Helpdesk for any thoughts or brainstorming your needs – we will be glad to assist you.

All classrooms are equipped with flexible technology support options:

  • Embedded computer – can be accessed using your Adler network user account/password
  • Embedded audio system
  • Full Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Notebook Software (best utilized in Smart board-equipped classrooms)
  • Full multimedia playback capability
  • VHS/DVD player – contact Helpdesk for assistance
  • Adler network access (Core faculty/staff)
  • High-speed Internet access (wired/wireless)
  • External laptop connectivity (via VGA or HDMI connection)
  • Full WebEx, Skype, Audio conference, Inter-campus video conferencing support