Network & Telecommunications

Having a reliable, safe network is important and here at Adler, we strive to provide that access for faculty, students and staff. We provide three network options, based on your role here at the University.

Network Options

  • AdlerUniv-CHFaculty
  • AdlerUniv-CHStudent
  • AdlerUniv-CHGuest

If you are not on campus to connect to our wireless network, you have access to campus resources through use of the VPN. You can access the VPN locally (IT will need to set this up for you), or by logging in through the VPN website.

No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to access email, course materials, campus resources and anything you may need to participate in community life.

Faculty & Staff Telecommunications

For Faculty and Staff given a desk or office on campus, you will be setup with a phone system and voicemail. Help Documentation is available for the system as a whole, the phone, and voicemail system. Make sure to review this documentation if you are assigned an Adler phone number and system.